Top IT talent have abundant options right now.

Prepare for future hiring needs and avoid talent shortages by thinking like marketers.

Through the use of automation tools, sourcing, and big data, recruiters who create an engaged talent pipeline can decrease the time necessary to fill even the most highly skilled openings, many of which are also the most difficult to fill.

Hiring people who have the right skills for the roles you’re looking to fill fuels your company’s success.

Job descriptions stand out when they include inviting titles and details. Where it makes sense, include photos, videos, listed benefits and opportunities for growth.

SmartTech Talent Solutions gives candidates a chance to learn about a company’s team through branded content and embedded video.

Job seekers want to know about your company’s values and culture. Keep your website content updated and leverage social media as a way to give candidates an inside look into what they really care about – why your company is somewhere they want to work.

Michael Alaimo, SHRM, SCP

Mike brings more than 18 years of distinguished recruiting experience successfully aligning IT talent with the best possible positions. Mike has been called an amazing recruiter and has confidence and enthusiasm that is unmatched. He’s been called other things but that’s a story for another day…

SmarTech Talent Solutions exists to connect hiring managers with the right talent. For more than 20 years, they have been matching the right candidates with the right opportunities. We specialize in understanding the technical and cultural nuances that make all the difference in a quality hire.