Why 5 is Recruitment’s ‘Magic’ Number

My ‘Guaranteed Success’ Top-5 List

Expert recruiters hone their particular set of skills over decades of interviewing both clients and candidates. Understanding human nature is as important to a successful job search outcome as understanding requirements for a position. For me, finding the ‘magic’ always comes back to a core five points that apply to every candidate.

While there is no perfect process, the following list does provide a roadmap for identifying, engaging and leading a potential candidate to the promised land.

Truthfully, I kinda think there is some magic involved in aligning a candidate with a career move that provides them with great happiness and a client with an all-star contributor.

1) Screen Well

I have a systematic candidate screening process that I faithfully follow every time. While it requires discipline in leading the information intake process, if you are doing this properly, candidates never feel like they are in the passenger seat.

2) Build Rapport

If you really want to be different (read: memorable and likable for candidates), take a few moments to break the ice and build some rapport with candidates. Because they have to hit KPI’s and answer to their manager, many recruiters rush this process; it’s a dangerous mistake that puts the hiring manager – and the candidate – at risk for turnover. Ask open-ended questions and listen carefully. Take a real interest in what’s going on in their life, learn about their hobbies and interests.

3) Sell the Sizzle

Take time to sell yourself and your company – this is your ‘Magic’ moment. Many hiring managers forget how important it is to be prepared to do this and they end up having to play catch up at offer time. That approach is highly ineffective in today’s tight labor market.  Why should a candidate consider taking your offer instead of the other two to three offers they are comparing against? You must convey this message in the first conversation to get the candidate excited to take the next step with you.

4) Close the Loop

Top IT talent have abundant options right now. Whether the candidate is moving forward in the process or not, offer prompt feedback. If you are undecided, tell them that you are still in the process with other candidates and give them a timeframe for follow up. Make sure you schedule the follow up and don’t forget to call. If you keep a candidate on ice for longer than expected – you are far less likely to land that talent.

5) Re-Engage Candidates

Don’t forget about “A” candidates that didn’t exactly fit the last role. Re-engaging candidates is critical in this market and one of the best ways to make future hires. If a candidate fits your culture, and has the right competencies, they very well may be your best and easiest future hire.

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Article by Michael Alaimo, SHRM, SCP

Mike brings more than 18 years of distinguished recruiting experience successfully aligning IT talent with the best possible positions. Mike has been called an amazing recruiter and has confidence and enthusiasm that is unmatched. He’s been called other things but that’s a story for another day…

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